9-Jun-2018Vidor, TX(12 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Rehoming fee does apply I have 2 male ball pythons I am looking to re home my husband has grown tired of them. We had a rack set up so they both come in a tote with water bowl. The small 1 will be 50 hes about a foot to a foot and a half. The large 1 will be 100 hes about 4 to 5 feet and he has been bread before. Both are handled but just not enough any more.
14-Jun-2018Lumberton, TX(25 miles)Reptiles for Sale
The pressure washer man let Doza out of our yard yesterday and she was last seen going under my neighbors house on the corner of Cherry st Off East Chance rd. If you see her -- please call me 409-201-XXXX thank you
Female, three years old, 17ins long, comes with 45 gallon tank, three lamp hood UVB lamp, Basking lamp, Nocturnal Infrared Heat lamp Cabinet stand, heat rock, extra carpet, water and food bowls
15-Jun-2018Lumberton, TX(25 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Turtle/fish twenty gal. aquarium w/stand includes the following. 1. Stand2. 20 gal. Aquarium 3. Fluval U3 underwater filter 4. Eheim Quick Vac Pro Automatic Gravel Vacuum Cleaner5. Reptology turtle topper above tank basking platform 6. Zoomedic Aquatic Turtle UVB & Heat Lighting Kit with stand.7. Siphon hose
31-May-2018Beaumont, TX(16 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Leopard gecko, 1yr old, and twenty gallon container 30
19-Jun-2018Vidor, TX(12 miles)Reptiles for Sale
Bearded dragon about 3yrs old with cage and accessories.
21-Jun-2018Lumberton, TX(25 miles)Reptiles for Sale
All for 500 3 dumpy tree frogs four crested geckos two water dragons one Pac-Man frog one leopard gecko one tokay gecko three Cuban anoles2 10 gal tanks 1 20 gal long1 20gal y-all2 55 gal tanks1 40 breederWill separate and negotiate on price Must pick up
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